Branded Gaskets in UAE

Al Hakim is recognized in the constructional industry in the UAE for its dedication to provide quality equipment to its clients. Working with suppliers that provide top notch constructional equipment and tools that are long lasting and internationally certified. Amongst the items that Al Hakim distributes, they also have a range of industrial gaskets that you can select from.

Industrial Gasket Suppliers in Dubai,UAE

Al Hakim is branded industrial gaskets suppliers in Dubai,UAE.We distributes a wide range of Gaskets for the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries. Gaskets are used for sealing purposes, to prevent leakage of liquids or gases in pipelines. These superior quality gaskets are divided into specific types, each suitable for their purpose.

Benefits of Our Gaskets

  • The flange load: these gaskets are able to withstand a high load of pressure, which creates a tight-fitting seal with anti-leakage.
  • Temperature bearing: teams of qualified engineers have tested the products to ensure that the materials used can withstand high degrees of heat.
  • Fluids: Due to most substances that pass through the pipeline being chemical compounds, this can lead to the lines being easily weakened or corrosive over time, the gaskets we provide offer a security to our clients as they are tested for long term use and wear.

Industrial Gaskets We Deals With

  • API Ring Joint Gaskets (RTJs): this type of seal is inserted between the gaskets at the initial line contact. Pressure from the bolt forces either side of the gasket to connect, thereby providing a tight seal in the pipeline.
  • Proprietary Wellhead Gaskets: manufactured with several different materials such as steels and alloys, they are created to tolerate high pressure in subsea and surface applications.
  • Precision Engineered Annular Components: used in aerospace and power generation sectors.
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets (SPWD): : used in specific cases, these gaskets are created with a soft filler material.
  • Double Jacketed Gaskets: these gaskets come with an added protective laser of coating. Made using metal and filler materials.
  • Kamm Profile Gaskets: crafted with a corrugated core and encased in a flexible layer
  • Heat Exchanger Gaskets: jacketed with metal and a softer filler that can withstand high temperatures. These are used in industries that require appliances to expand due to thermal expansion.
  • Soft Cut Gaskets: inserted between two flanges, this thin metallic and circular strip under pressure provides the sealing element necessary.
  • Composite Gaskets/ Graphite Products: commonly sought in the industry made using graphite as it can bear higher load of pressure
  • PTFE Products: used most often for chemical seals and general use. These are soft and manufactured using a resin producer.
  • Flange Insulation Sets: used for equipment where cathodic corrosion can be an issue. A single flange joint consists of gaskets, sleeves and washers.
  • Washers (in all materials): to evenly distribute the load on thin metal sheets. Stops the fastener from corroding or jumping positions.
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