Dual Plate Check Valves

The dual plate disc check valve is also is well known by its other names such as non-return valve or retainerless check valves. This valve is used mainly to avoid the return flow of liquids. This allows medium flow in a single direction.

Using a very sophisticated and articulate methodology, this valve works on an automatic mechanism. Dual plate swing check valves have a cylindrical body which helps in equal distribution of stress in comparison to other valves.

Additionally, this cylindrical is also able to withstand weight due to the double valve design. Being one of the best dual plate check valve supplier, Al Hakim houses the best brands.

Double Plate Check Valve Specifications

Size Range: 2″ – 60″
Pressure Class: ASME 150 – 2500
Design Standards: API 594, API 6D & API 6A/ ASME: B16.34

  • Wafer, Lug & Flange Type
  • Retainerless Design
  • Low Checking Pressure
  • Non-Slamming
  • Fire safe by Design

Advantages of Dual Plate Check Valves

There are a number of advantages associated with the use of dual plate wafer check valve.

  • Retainerless body: This essentially means that there is no penetration through the body of the valve. 
  • Light in weight: As compared to conventional swing check valves, dual plate wafer check valve is very light. 
  • Fire-safe design 
  • Self-Seating Design: This helps to reduce dragging at the seat surfaces and also leads to consistent sealing. 
  • Disc damage is prevented with the stopper pins that do not allow the discs to come in contact with one another.
  • Rubber-lined valves help to avoid corrosion

Typical applications of dual plate swing check valve include:

  • Water applications: Boiler feed water, water supply systems and for making potable water
  • Oil and Gas applications: Cryogenic, Offshore systems, lubricating oil production
  • Chemical applications: Pharmaceuticals, paper and cement factories, copper and zinc factories


Dual Plate Check Valves Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Al Hakim UAE is one of the main dual plate check valve  supplier and dealer in Dubai .Our retainerless design Dual Plate Check Valves are available for a wide range of applications. In the UAE,

Al Hakim continues to supply the best brands in double flanged dual plate check valve. We take immense care to ensure that we stock and supply those brands that provide high quality and make sure that they live upto the UAE standards.

We are the agents and stockist of branded industrial and instrumentation valves. We supplies branded company’s fittings, flanges, pipes, gaskets & fasteners in UAE. Al Hakim serves a wide variety industries in UAE.Our dedicated services are spread in UAE nations.

Dual Plate Check Valve Suppliers in Dubai
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