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Al Hakim Flow Control Valves LLC has extensive experience in supplying Butterfly Valves for the process, power and energy related industries in Dubai and in the UAE. We are one of the leading Butterfly Valve suppliers in Dubai, and in the UAE. Butterfly Valves are mainly used in industrial purposes. We deals with different varieties of  valves like Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Forged Steel  Valves & Dual Plate Check Valves.

Why Choose Al Hakim for Butterfly Valve?

Are you searching for Butterfly Valve suppliers in the UAE? So now you are in the right place on our website. We are stockists, exporters, and suppliers of Butterfly Valves in Dubai. We provide different varieties of Butterfly Valves and our Valve is available in Gray Iron, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, and Stainless Steel Material.

Al Hakim Flow Control Valves LLC is a very popular name in the field of valve supplying in the UAE. Butterfly Valve is one of the best valves, which may be useful for identifying or managing movement. In the power and energy-related industries we are one of the best Butterfly Valve suppliers plus creating supreme quality valves in the UAE.

We offer a wide range of Butterfly Valves which are supplied as per the high-quality standards. Our Butterfly Valve is Highly Durable, Cost-effective, Low maintenance, and has Reliable performance.

With the industry’s most comprehensive product line available from a single source, we service a wide range of industries, from petroleum and mining to construction and processing.

Types of Butterfly Valves We Deals with in the UAE

we deals with different types of butterfly valves in Dubai and in the UAE. Our types of butterfly valves include:


Our line of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are available in a wide range of pressure class, materials and body configurations. This product is designed for Bi-directional Bubble Tight Shutoff being fully engineered and manufactured to exceed our clients stringent process requirements.

Flanged Floating Ball Valve Specifications

Size Range:2″ – 30″
Pressure Class: ASME 150 – 6000
Design Standards: API 609/ ASME B16.34

  • Triple Eccentric Disc-Shaft
  • Anti-Blow Out Stem
  • Bi-Directional
  • Firesafe Design
  • Low Friction Body Seat
  • Zero Leakage
  • Wafer, Lug & Flange Type
butterfly valve suppliers in dubai


Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valves are designed for shutoff and throttling control of liquids and gas. We offer a full range of materials to suit your specific applications.

High Performance Butterfly Valves Specifications

Size Range: 2″ – 60″
Pressure Class: ASME 125 – 600
Design Standards: API 609/ ASME B16.34

  • Double Eccentric Disc-Shaft
  • Anti-Blow Out Stem
  • Bi-Directional
  • Firesafe Design Available
  • Low Friction Body Seat
  • Zero Leakage with Soft Seat
  • Wafer, Lug & Flange Type
butterfly valve suppliers in dubai


We offer a full line of Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves designed for Oil & Gas, HVAC and Industrial applications. This product is economically priced for on/off and throttling services.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Specifications

Size Range: 2″ – 48″
Pressure Class: ASME 125 – 150
Design Standard: API 609

  • Single Eccentric Disc-Shaft
  • Anti-Blow Out Stem
  • Bi-Directional
  • Firesafe Design
  • Low Friction Body Seat
  • Zero Leakage
butterfly valve suppliers in dubai

Frequently Asked Question

A butterfly valve is used to manage the flow of a medium. It can effectively start, regulate, or stop the flow of a medium. Due to the affordability and efficiency of butterfly valves, these are preferred extensively over other types of valves in the market.

Butterfly valves are not suitable for applications when the differential pressure is high. Using butterfly valves in such situations may result in medium hammering and breakage of the pipes used.

As the name indicates, a ball valve is a valve that has a hollow spherical ball as the mechanism responsible for regulating the flow of the medium unlike in a butterfly valve where it is a metallic disc that is responsible for managing the medium’s flow in a pipe Also, butterfly valves are more prone to leakages when compared to ball valves where leakages are absent.

The advantages of butterfly valves are many. One of the biggest advantages is its compact design and it has very little space requirement. Another advantage is that it is lightweight and can easily be borne by the piping system. Butterfly valves are also extremely cost-effective and have lower opening and closing time. As it also has lower operation torque, it is also easy to operate and install altogether. Butterfly valves also improve the energy efficiency and are available in large sizes. Unlike most valves, butterfly valves have longer life and as it has fewer components, it does not require continuous maintenance.

One cannot place one valve above another as the valves are unique in their applications. Hence, it is based on the requirement that one can choose a gate valve or butterfly valve. Therefore, one must analyze the project where the valve is to be used and based on the same, one has to choose the valve.
While butterfly valves have a range of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the throttling service of the same is limited to low differential pressure. Butterfly valves are not suitable when the differential pressures are high. The valve uses a metallic disc to manage the flow of the medium. Hence, its movement is affected by the flow turbulence. The disc used in the valve is always under the pressure of the flow and can affect the flow of the liquid even if it is in the fully open position. When butterfly valves are used, the chances of cavitation and choked flow are high. It can also lead to pipe breakage and liquid loss. Butterfly valves are limited by its poor sealing function, which can result in leakage at the position of the valve. When the differential pressure is high, butterfly valves are ineffective and cannot be used to get the required results.
Butterfly valves have both advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon its application, valves can either help a project or compromise the same.

Depending upon the actuation method, disc closure design, and the connection design, butterfly valves can be classified into a variety of types:

Based on Disc Close Design

  • Concentric Butterfly Valve
  • Eccentric Butterfly Valve

    • Single Offset Butterfly Valve
    • Double Offset Butterfly Valve
    • Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Based on Piping Connection Design

  • Lug type Butterfly Valve
  • Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
  • Butt-welded Butterfly Valves

Based on Operation Methods

  • Manual Actuation
    • Gear Operated
    • Lever Operated

  • Automatic Actuation
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic
    • Electric

Based on Seat Materials

  • Metal Seated Butterfly Valve
  • Soft Seated Butterfly Valve
When the handle of the valve is parallel to the valve, it is closed. If the handle is perpendicular to the valve, it means that it is open.
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